Table 6

Thematic Analysis of Staff Feedback

What if anything did you like about eCHAT?
Easy to use“It’s quite simplistic, it’s straightforward, patients are responding very well to it” (Receptionist [R]01).
Electronic integration helpful“Very easy to upload into the [EHR]” (Family physician [FP]01).
“No forms to fill in” (R05).
“As opposed to a written form, is that it’s straight in the notes” (Nurse [N]01).
Valuable screening“eCHAT system has allowed me to pick up occasionally on some aspects of a person’s behavior or illnesses which I probably wouldn’t have otherwise picked up on that day” (FP04).
“I like the potential it has to help people to disclose symptoms that they mightn’t be able to tell me in the consultation” (FP03)
“Patients find it easy to disclose problems on the eCHAT which they wouldn’t have necessarily have brought up” (FP02).
“Fast, productive method of getting screening. Which helps us do a lot of our programs, and know more about the people” (N01).
Contribute positively to time with patients“…because it cuts to the chase and it means the problem is there on the table right at the start of the consultation” (FP01).
“It was seamless and a very efficient way of collecting information. The questions therefore are very important but the time spent was absolutely worthwhile it was a very efficient use of time” (FP02).
“It couldn’t be more efficient, a lot of that information…if you tried to extract it yourself in the course of the consultation
it would just blow out hideously, you couldn’t do it. And so, of course, often we don’t, and you just tend to fancy that you, you know, acquire that information or if it’s relevant you think you know it but sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. I think it’s really plugging some really important holes and it’s going to have a real efficiency to what we’re doing in terms of…getting people’s important underlying problems to the surface sooner rather than later” (FP03).
“In a sense creates more work, but that’s what we’re here for” (FP04).
Is there anything you think could be improved?
Concerns about insurance company access“The insurance companies now have access to our notes…it asks ‘have you taken drugs’, and I know that the insurance companies are very interested in that, and I don’t know how selective they may be in 5 or 10 years’ time” (FP05).
Electronic notification“An alert on the patient’s file that it has been done” (R05).
Font size“He said he couldn’t see it very well, he had to go and get his reading glasses, so maybe a bit bigger writing, brighter” (R03)?
Provision of additional services“Funding. Because a lot of the issues that it’s going to tap into are ones that are going to require extended mental health type consultations and in some instances referral to clinical psychologists” (FP03).