Table 1

Nonrespondents From 233 Invited Participants

CharacteristicNo. (%)
Total nonrespondents37 (15)
Declined, and reasons for declining22 (9)
 “Did not feel like it”/”Can’t be bothered”4
 Felt too sick4
 Doctor already has this information2
 Vision problems2
 No reason given2
 Not at the doctors to talk about self—coming in regarding a family member1
 Possible chickenpox infection—not wanting to touch iPad because might be infectious1
 Because of their condition1
 Too busy1
 Data utilization concerns1
 Not interested in at the moment but thinks it is a good idea1
 Did not want to discuss drug use with doctor1
 Not comfortable with information technology, iPad1
Completed eCHAT, but time restraints prevented feedback15 (6)