Table 1

Final Item-Fit Statistics for the Work Relationships Scale

Itemχ2dfP ValueOut-fit Mean SquareIn-fit Mean Square
1. This clinic encourages nursing staff (ie, RN, LVN, MA, CMA) input for making changes.459.6353<.0011.301.02
2. Most people in this clinic are willing to change how they do things in response to feedback from others.351.9353.5070.991.03
3. Most people in this clinic actively seek new ways to improve how we do things.335.3353.7430.950.97
4. Most people in this clinic are comfortable voicing their opinion even though it may be unpopular.487.4353<.0011.381.33
5. Most people in this clinic pay attention to how their actions affect others in the clinic.376.5353.1861.061.10
6. After making a change, we usually discuss what worked and what didn’t.268.7353>.9990.760.76
7. Most people in this clinic get together to talk about their work.339.8353.6840.960.96
8. This clinic values people who have different points of view.327.7353.8290.930.83
9. Difficult problems in this clinic are usually solved through face-to-face discussion.303.7353.9730.860.79
10. We regularly take time to consider ways to improve how we do things.367.8353.2831.040.84
11. When there is a conflict in this clinic, the people involved are encouraged to talk about it.249.0353>.9990.700.71
12. Most people in this clinic understand how their job fits into the rest of the clinic.451.9353<.0011.281.34
13. This clinic usually encourages everybody’s input for making changes.250.7353>.9990.710.67
14. My opinion is valued by others in this clinic.271.3353>.9990.770.84
15. The leadership in this clinic usually makes sure that we have the time and space necessary to discuss changes to improve care.409.1353.0211.161.02
  • CMA = certified medical assistant; LVN = licensed vocational nurse; MA = medical assistant; RN = registered nurse.