Table 4

Thematic Analysis of Patient Feedback

What if anything did you like about the questionnaire?
Easy to use“Easy to follow. Didn’t take very long. Very easy to use” (Patient [P]016).
“That I can answer quickly and directly” (P056)!
“Easy to use and understand. Not very time consuming” (P048)
Helpful for doctor and for doctor-patient relationship“It seems quite personal, which is always good for a doctor-patient relationship” (P028).
“Could be honest about things might not want to say to the doctor” (P087).
“Using the iPad is not as (potentially) intimidating as talking to someone face to face regarding personal mental health/abuse” (P062).
“Raising few issues which not necessarily discussed in normal consultation—opens the door to discussions with doctor” (P031).
Liked nature of the questions“It asked questions about abuse. I think this is an easier way to let the doctor know if something is wrong at home. Very simple but effective” (P073).
“It asks a lot of different questions about life” (P025).
“Clearly aimed at identifying lifestyle issues” (P096).
Good use of waiting time“The questions before entering doctors” (P073).
“Feels effective to collect data while waiting” (P061).
Helps self-reflection“Interesting. Good to have a look at self” (P109).
Is there anything you think could be improved?
Nature of the questions“The options are slightly limiting” (P021).
“Not sure people with problems would give truthful answers. Possible rephrase questions to be a little more subtle” (P096).
“No grey areas. My circumstances aren’t the ‘norm’—I’m a victim of bizarre circumstances therefore needed other options apart from yes/no” (P038).
Additional questions“Could ask a question about sexual problems/issues” (P081).
“More questions on lifestyle, exercise, diet” (P017).
“Could have provided an ‘other’ option to provide comments as some of the answers available weren’t suited to how I wanted to respond” (P014).
Issues about the iPad“Fragility, could have handles” (P037).
“Offer pen/paper multi choice” (P085).
“Cleaning the iPad—lots of fingerprints” (P047).
Do you think this is an appropriate thing for your doctor to offer?
People may be more forth-coming on iPad“Maybe get better feedback from questionnaire than patient telling doctor” (P029).
“Because you don’t have to answer the questions to them directly” (P042).
“Sometimes in certain circumstances the person may not answer the questions truthfully if asked in person” (P108).
Efficient way of doctor finding out about patient“Because you may pick up problems/potential problems that the patient may not have brought up” (P102)!
“It takes less work off them but gives them a good understanding of each patient” (P104).
“Because it’s a record of your well-being/shows they actually care (P015).
“Self-screening, prior to appointment—great idea” (P009).
Privacy and security concerns“I don’t like the idea of the answers being on record for anyone to see, eg, insurance companies” (P078).
“Because it’s done online it may not be secure” (P018).
Invasive questions“Was invasive and was not particularly comfortable doing it. Not what I came in for” (P020).