Table 3

Practice Culture Assessment Factor Loadings for Individual Items, by Subscale

ItemChange CultureWork CultureChaos
After making a change, we discuss what worked and what didn’t.0.66398
This practice puts a great deal of effort into improving the quality of care.0.67917
This practice encourages everybody’s input for making changes.0.81108
We regularly take time to consider ways to improve how we do things.0.79724
The practice leadership makes sure that we have the time and space necessary to discuss changes to improve care.0.78396
This practice uses data and information to improve the work of the practice.0.62714
Our practice encourages people to share their ideas about how to improve things.0.79928
The leadership in this practice is available to discuss work related problems0.72885
When we experience a problem in the practice we make a serious effort to figure out what’s really going on.0.72684
The leadership of this practice is good at helping us to make sense of problems or difficult situations.0.74846
My opinion is valued by others in this practice.0.69821
People in this practice understand how their jobs fit into the rest of the practice.0.65733
I can rely on the other people in this practice to do their jobs well.0.73350
When there is conflict or tension in this practice, those involved are encouraged to talk about it.0.67104
People in this practice are thoughtful about how they do their jobs0.77181
People in this practice pay attention to how their actions affect others in the practice.0.74617
Most of the people who work in our practice seem enjoy their work.0.76567
The practice leadership promotes an environment that is an enjoyable place to work.0.76768
This practice is almost always in chaos.0.71993
This practice is very disorganized.0.73899
Our practice has recently been very stable.−0.67600
Things have been changing so fast in our practice that it is hard to keep up with what is going on.0.58880