Table 2

Capability Assessment for Diet and Activity (CADA)

Convenience, cost α = .78Easy to get to store for food shopping0.64D
Nearby places for outdoor physical activity0.52A
Places open when I want to do indoor physical activity0.49A
Fresh fruits and vegetables available where I shop for food0.74D
I can afford to buy fresh fruits and vegetables0.57D
I can afford to buy fish or lean meat0.52D
Fruits and vegetables where I shop are high quality0.57D
Neighborhood opportunity α = .78In my neighborhood it is easy to walk places0.72A
Places where I can be active without needing to pay0.65A
I often see other people walking in my neighborhood0.71A
People generally feel safe in my neighborhood0.64A
My neighborhood is well lighted for evening activities0.59A
Barriers α = .75I am too tired to be physically active0.62
Illness gets in the way of cooking own meals0.71D
I am too tired to cook my own meals0.76D
Feeling depressed keeps me from being active0.74A
Feeling depressed keeps me from shopping for food0.72D
Knowledge α = .83I know how to eat healthy foods0.89D
When I eat at a restaurant I know how to choose a healthy meal0.86D
I know where in my neighborhood to shop for healthy foods0.75D
Time pressure α = .75Taking care of my family gives little time to be physically active0.55A
Taking care of my family gives me little time to cook meals0.51D
My schedule gives me little time to cook my own meals0.85D
My schedule gives me little time to go food shopping0.85D
I have time to be physically active on most days0.54
Family support α = .62There are people I live with who eat healthy foods0.77D
There are people I live with who are physically active0.75
Family allows me to eat recommended foods0.59
Spouse/partner α = .65Spouse or partner complains when I serve a healthy meal0.44D
Spouse or partner doesn’t allow me to be physically active0.81
When I plan my day, I have to think about my partner’s jealousy0.78
Nonfamily support α = .80Friends encourage me to be physically active0.84
Friends encourage me to eat healthy foods0.87
Friends keep me company when I’m physically active0.70A
  • Note: Blank cell indicates subscale does not load on behavior-specific scale. A = loads on activity scale; D = loads on diet scale.

  • a Rotated (varimax) factor loading.

  • b Whether item loads in behavior-specific scale.