Table 1

Interview Guide

Main Topic AreaSpecific Approach
IntroductionsExplain rationale for the study
URTI consultationInquire how they manage the URTI consultation
Interviewer to use open questions until satisfied participants’ comments highlight:
 Usual practice
 An understanding as to why, how, and when they elicit expectations, if at all
 The type of gambits used and why they use them
 How they structure their consultation
Eliciting expectationsAsk for their views on eliciting expectations for antibiotics
Consultation mapShow participants a visual aid of the consultation map and seek participants’ views on whether it is a valid representation:
 Gathering information 1: history
 Gathering information 2: examination ± commentary
 Diagnosis spin
 Management plan ± negotiating shared decision
Wrap-upAsk if there are any questions
Ask whether this has been an opportunity to reflect
  • URTI = upper respiratory tract infection.