Table 3

Summary of Themes Describing Family Physicians’ Views and Experiences of the URTI Consultation

Main ThemeDescription, Subthemes
Views about managing the URTI consultationThe challenges:
 Family physicians’ preset intention not to prescribe antibiotics, when feasible
 Consultation is viewed as a source of conflict
 Assumption that patients/parents expect to be given antibiotics
 Family physicians’ understanding of multiple, complex determinants of patient/parent antibiotic expectation
Strategies to elicit and influence expectations of antibioticsThe solutions:
 Indirect elicitation of patient or parent expectation of antibiotics
 Elicit indirectly before physical examination
 Use physical examination and running commentary to shape patient or parent expectation of antibiotics
Influence of relational, technical, and professional factorsThe goals:
 Preserve the physician-patient relationship
 Prescribe appropriately
  • URTI = upper respiratory tract infection.