Table 4

Mean Number of FTE Staff per FTE Physician—Among CPC Initiative Practices With Staff Type—by Practice Size

Staff Type≤2 FTE Physicians
(n = 216)
>2–4 FTE Physicians
(n = 148)
>4–7 FTE Physicians
(n = 92)
>7 FTE Physicians
(n = 40)
All Practices
(n = 496)
Administrative staffa2.421.761.701.982.05
Medical assistants1.761.311.231.111.45
NPs, PAs0.970.490.380.200.65
LPNs, LVNs1.380.780.660.530.95
Care managers/coordinators0.770.460.240.230.47
Social workers0.750.
Community service coordinators0.860.
Health educators1.000.370.190.100.42
  • CPC = Comprehensive Primary Care; FTE = full-time equivalent; LPN = licensed practical nurse; LVN = licensed vocational nurse; NP = nurse practitioner; PA = physician assistant; RN = registered nurse.

  • Source: The CPC practice survey, fielded October through December 2012.

  • Note: Practice size is defined by the number of FTE physicians.

  • a Administrative staff include those managing reception, medical records, appointments, finance, etc.