Table 5

Associations of the Practice Environment With Clinician and Staff Outcomes at 30 Months

SatisfactionStressBurnoutIntention to Leave
Practice environmentaOdds RatioP ValueOdds RatioP ValueOdds RatioP ValueOdds RatioP Value
Level of office chaos0.56.193.47<.0013.67<.0011.62.02
Organizational culture
Quality emphasis0.92.351.07.440.
Electronic information emphasis0.83.301.48<.0011.
Open communication2.30.0020.
Difficulties in providing safe, high-quality care0.58<.0011.37.0091.65.031.85<.0001
  • Note: Analyses controlled for sex, length of employment, and pilot project.

  • a As shown in Table 2.