Table 2

Clinical Setting of Clinical Prediction Rule Studies (N=895)

Clinical SettingStudies, No. (%)
Primary care: general practice, community, physiotherapy clinic, nursing home, population studies, chiropractor clinic, residential clinic252 (28.2)
Emergency department251 (28.0)
Hospital: hospital inpatients, tertiary care, trauma center, stroke unit150 (16.8)
Specialty clinics: specialty clinics including diabetes, cardiology, prostate, pediatric, arthritis, veteran affairs122 (13.6)
Hospital inpatients and specialty clinics24 (2.7)
Primary care and emergency department6 (0.7)
Prehospital (emergency services)6 (0.7)
Primary care and specialty clinics6 (0.7)
Primary care and inpatients3 (0.3)
 Clinical trial/study27 (3.0)
 Setting unclear43 (4.8)
 Guideline/opinion5 (0.6)