Table 2

Multivariate Odds of Advancing to Next More Severe MCI Course

VariableOdds Ratio95% CIP Value
Lower score in CERAD word list delayed recalla1.201.047–1.372<.0001
Depression (higher score on the Geriatric Depression Scale)1.241.134–1.359<.0001
MCI subtype .001
 Nonamnestic single domain Ref
 Amnestic single domain1.420.715–2.820
 Amnestic multidomain3.381.772–6.429
 Nonamnestic multidomain2.301.148–4.599
Poorer test result in CERAD word list memory1.101.018–1.183 .004
Older age in years1.061.002–1.128 .04
  • CERAD = Neuropsychological battery of the Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease; Ref = reference group; MCI = mild cognitive impairment.

  • Note: MCI courses in order of increasing severity were remittent, fluctuating, stable, and progressive.

  • a The higher the score, the better the recall function.