Table 5

Staffing Ratios, Overall, and by Practice Size and PCMH Status

Staff TypePractice SizePCMH StatusAll Practices
≤2 FTE Physicians>2–4 FTE Physicians>4–7 FTE Physicians>7–13 FTE Physicians>13 FTE PhysiciansPCMH PracticesOther Practices
Ratio of FTE nonphysician staff to FTE physician
All nonphysician staffa5.323.923.734.233.354.404.574.50
 All nonadministrative staff2.992.
 Administrative staff2.331.761.702.021.831.902.092.01
FTE physicians
Average number of FTE physicians1.
Median number of FTE physicians1.
  • CPC = Comprehensive Primary Care; FTE = full-time equivalent; LPN = licensed practical nurse; LVN = licensed vocational nurse; NP = nurse practitioner; PA = physician assistant; PCMH = patient-centered medical home; RN = registered nurse.

  • Source: The CPC initiative practice survey, fielded October through December 2012.

  • Note: Practice size is defined by the number of FTE physicians. Practice status is based on whether a practice reported it had received PCMH recognition, accreditation, or certification from 1 or more of the following: The Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Healthcare, The Joint Commission, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, the Utilization Review Accreditation Association, or a state- or insurance plan–based recognition program.

  • a Administrative staff include those managing reception, medical records, appointments, finance, etc. Nonadministrative staff include medical assistants, NPs/PAs, LPNs/ LVNs, RNs, care managers/coordinators, pharmacists, social workers, community service coordinators, health educators, and nutritionists.