Table 2

Changes in the Practice Environment and Job Satisfaction at Baseline and 30 Months

VariableBaseline %30 Months %P Value
Organizational culture (“to a great extent”)a
Quality emphasisb2435.06
Electronic information emphasisb6463.90
Open communicationb5144.24
Hectic or chaotic office levelc3442.15
Difficulties in providing safe, high-quality care (“sometimes”/ “frequently”)b,d3014.001
Job satisfaction (“agree”/“strongly agree”)e
By pilot project, respondents overall
 Rhode Island6786.03
By respondent type, pilot projects combined
 Nurse practitioners and physician assistants9076.41
 Nonclinical office staff7684.32
  • MEMO = Minimizing Error, Maximizing Outcomes.

  • a Compared with “not at all”/“a little”/“to a considerable extent.”

  • b Dichotomized based on median responses.

  • c Dichotomized based on <4 and ≥4 based on MEMO approach.

  • d Compared with “never”/“rarely.”

  • e Compared with “strongly disagree”/“disagree”/“neither agree nor disagree.”