Table 3

Unadjusted Analyses of Guideline Implementation by Study Arm of Matched Pairs

Study Population of InterestOutcome MeasureControlPFLLCPF + LLC
No.Pre %Post %No.Pre %Post %No.Pre %Post %No.Pre %Post %
All asthmatic patientsAssessment of asthma severity1884556a2834271a1962839a3103352a
Assessment of environmental triggers1925870a2904257a20217243323654a
Asthma action plan180131528271019938b322711
At each asthma visitAssessment of level of control17244452765573a2762445a3013454a
All patients with persistent asthmaAsthma controller medications153798025484871887887b2898491b
Primary asthma visitAsthma follow-up visits66627011178837865721557484b
  • LLC = local learning collaborative; PF = practice facilitation; post = postintervention; pre = preintervention.

  • a Significantly improved by matched pairs (McNemar test), P <.01.

  • b Significantly improved by matched pairs (McNemar test), P <.05.