Table 1

Prevalence of Increased Risk of Study Conditions According to Reference Standard Risk Assessment

MeasureType 2 DiabetesHeart DiseaseBreast CancerOvarian CancerColorectal CancerProstate CancerMelanoma
Number excluded because of personal history of condition3661007
Number excluded because of ineligible sexn/an/a120120n/a400n/a
Sample size for analysis of increased risk, No.520523400405526120519
Prevalence of increased risk according to 3-generation pedigree analysis,a No. (%)120 (23.1)87 (16.6)37 (9.3)28 (6.9)34 (6.5)6 (5.0)54 (10.4)
  • n/a = not applicable.

  • a Prevalence of increased risk of at least 1 condition was 51.5% (263 of 511) after excluding patients with a personal history of any condition.