Table 2

Advancing the Research Agenda

Developing contextualized knowledge to support health and person-driven, goal-directed care for persons with MCC
How can the interacting effects of MCC on health be understood?
What are the mechanisms of interaction among relevant contextual factors and how do they affect health and health care?
What are the additive or multiplicative effects or burdens of living with or caring for multiple chronic illnesses?
What combinations of treatments, services, technologies, and resources help individuals reach their goals efficiently, effectively, and safely?
How can patients be supported in their self-management?
What are the diverse factors affecting personal goal setting and goal attainment?
What are practical and effective models for integrating mental and physical health?
How can effective models of rapid cycle knowledge generation be developed and implemented?
What can be learned from international comparisons?
What outcomes and measures are most relevant for persons with MCC and their caregivers?
What generalizable interventions are effective across different combinations of MCC?
What are the causes, duration, and severity of MCC in the population, what are the resulting disabilities, and which interacting aspects of context are most important for treatment effectiveness?
Achieving a culture, system, technology, and communities that facilitate person-driven, goal-directed care and self-management that improves health
What approaches create a culture that supports the person-driven, goal-directed management of MCC?
What supportive systems and technologies are needed to improve the health and health care of persons with MCC?
How can the needed workforce, patient, family capacity, and peer-support be enhanced?
How do multidirectional linkages that include community resources affect the health and health care of persons with MCC?
How can we provide the needed training, organizational change, and team building?
What are effect of incentives through policy and reimbursement systems?
  • MCC = multiple chronic conditions.