Table 2

Study Cohort Demographics in Illinois Medicaid Programs

Beneficiaries, No.b2,095,6991,178,192276,403641,1042,692,1231,624,370388,566679,187
Study cohorts datac
 Study cohorts, No.1,883,4621,021,081260,163602,2182,433,8401,388,134363,411682,295
 Age, %
  0–5 y19.827.020.27.619.125.517.66.7
  6–18 y35.542.924.727.638.345.833.525.6
  19–40 y22.023.227.317.721.021.325.418.2
  41–64 y14.25.927.422.414.06.723.323.8
  65+ y8.50.90.424.
 Race/ethnicity, %
  Non-Hispanic white39.936.438.146.640.537.338.747.9
  Non-Hispanic black30.727.737.732.926.122.033.330.5
  Other raced8.
  • IHC = Illinois Health Connect; YHP = Your Healthcare Plus.

  • a Includes mainly beneficiaries enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid (the dual eligibles).

  • b Beneficiaries after the exclusion of infants younger than 90 days.

  • c Study cohorts after the exclusion of individuals in managed care organizations, infants aged younger than 90 days, and YHP institutionalized populations.

  • d Includes Asian, Pacific Islander, etc.