Table 1

Features of Illinois Health Connect

1.7 Million beneficiaries in 2010 (includes YHP patients in IHC); every beneficiary required to select a primary care cliniciana
Monthly care management fees: $2 for children, $3 for adults, $4 for disabled or elderly beneficiariesa
Pediatric claims paid within 30 days; adult claims paid within 60 days
Quarterly academic detailing about the administration of the program and clinical care of the patient population for primary care clinicians
Multiple online tools such as registries and report cards to assist clinicians with population-based managementb
IHC providers required to make preventive care available within 5 weeks of request (or 2 weeks for infants younger than 6 months), urgent care appointments within 24 hours, appointments for non-serious complaints within 3 weeks, and follow-up visits within 7 days of discharge from an emergency department or hospitala
Practices required to provide and coordinate maternal and child health servicesa
Practices required to institute an action plan for enrollees with chronic diseasesa
Quality-based bonus paymentsa
  • IHC = Illinois Health Connect; YHP = Your Healthcare Plus.

  • a Features common in patient-centered medical homes.

  • b Features common in accountable care organizations.