Table 2

Characteristics of Patients in the Study

VariablesAll Patients N = 765Multiple Provider Continuity Level
High n = 358 (>74%)Moderate n = 334 (30%–74%)Low n = 68 (<30%)
Sociodemographic characteristics
Women, %4851.748.832.4a
Completed university, %14.213.815.311.8b
Mean age, y66.767.167.162.1a
Mean ambulatory visits, No.
With high morbidity (RUB 4 or 5), %4034.645.242.7a
SF-12 PCS, mean score (range 0–100)39.640.939.439.1b
Known provider continuity (KPC)
With high multiple provider (MP) continuity, %47.2100
With high personal provider (PP) continuity, %19.641.600a
Continuity-related variables from questionnaires
Relational continuity
 Mean scored8.
 With high continuity, %41.743.140.938.7b
Interpersonal communication
 Mean scored8.
 With high communication, %46.547.446.641.3b
Coordination within the clinic
 Mean scored,e8.
 With high coordination, %e24.627.523.115.8b
Coordination with specialists
 Mean scored,f7.
 With high coordination, %f39.441.936.840.0b
Overall coordination
 Mean scored9.
 With high coordination, %58.443.936.531.7a
 High combined continuity score, %34.037.331.430.0a
With family physician, %
  • ANOVA = analysis of variance; RUB = Resource Utilization Band; SF-12 PCS = Short Form-12 physical component summary score.

  • a Tested and found significant (P ≤.05) by ANOVA or χ2.

  • b Tested and not found significant (P >.05) by ANOVA or χ2.

  • c Tested and not found significant by negative binomial regression.

  • d Means rescaled from 0–10, with 0 indicating low and 10 indicating high continuity/communitation/coordination; not tested statistically because distribution with ceiling effect.

  • e These results apply for 232 patients who had other physicians or nurses who worked in their physician’s office and played an important role in their care (30% of patients in ambulatory clinics); 109 of these patients had high, 104 moderate, and 19 low KPC-MP.

  • f These results apply for 447 patients who were referred to a specialist or education center for 1 of the 2 problems targeted by this study (diabetes, cardiovascular disease) (58.4% of patients in ambulatory clinics); 198 of these patients had high, 209 moderate and 40 low KPC-MP.