Table 1

Characteristics of Medical School Graduates Overall and Among Those With Loans

CharacteristicAllType of Loan Received
Perkins/Disadvantaged Student LoansHealth Professions Student LoansLoans Not Based on Parents’ Income
Graduates, No. (%)136,232 (100)42,389 (31.1)6,568 (4.8)58,309 (42.8)
Debt category, %
Debt amount, $a
Graduation era, %
 Married at graduation, %b33.433.143.833.6
 Male, %
 Born in a rural county, %0.740.931.000.73
 Age at graduation, mean, y27.727.827.727.8
Medical school
 Rural, %0.420.380.230.45
 Public, %62.167.865.359.1
 NHSC scholarship, %0.420.370.350.53
 Community based, %
  • NHSC = National Health Service Corps.

  • Note: Percentages may not sum to 100% because of missing data fields. In particular, debt level was unknown for 3.3% of the study sample.

  • a Mean and median debt levels exclude students with no debt. Debt levels are adjusted to 2010 dollars.

  • b Marital status was unknown for 29.9% of the study sample. Unknown marital status did not predict any study outcomes in multivariate models.