Table 2

Primary Care Team Characteristics and Outcomes for Patients With Cardiovascular Disease

CharacteristicValue Mean (SD)Rangea
Primary care teams (n = 31)
Social networks variable
 Team social network density0.53 (0.12)0.36–0.77
 Team social network centralization0.29 (0.10)0.13–0.43
 Face-to-face interaction density0.45 (0.11)0.31–0.69
 Face-to-face interaction centralization0.28 (0.08)0.15–0.41
 EHR communication density0.31 (0.08)0.19–0.46
 EHR communication centralization0.24 (0.07)0.11–0.43
Team climate (TCI-14) score
 Shared vision (scale: 0–16)b12.8 (0.4)11.6–13.6
 Psychological safety (scale: 0–16)b11.4 (1.1)8.6–12.3
 Task orientation (scale: 0–12)b8.5 (0.5)7.5–9.3
 Innovation support (scale: 0–12)b7.9 (0.6)6.3–8.8
Team characteristics
 Team size, No.22.2 (7.5)12–28
 Staff turnover in previous 12 mo, %19
Patient panel outcomes in past 12 mo
Team patients (n = 7,457)
 With controlled LDL cholesterol (<100 mg/dL), %39
 With controlled blood pressure (<130/80 mm Hg), %71
Health care use per patient in patient panel
 Urgent care visits, No.0.10 (0.44)
 Emergency department visits, No.0.24 (1.20)
 Hospital days, No.0.65 (4.44)
 Medical costs, US$1,241 (7,538)
  • EHR = electronic health record; LDL = low-density lipoprotein; TCI-14 = Team Climate Inventory.

  • a Minimum-maximum.

  • b Where higher scores indicate better team climate.