Table 4

Multivariate Associations of Functional Trajectories Before Hospice With Outcomes in the Month After Hospice Admission

All Participants (N = 210): Alive and Not Completely DisabledSurviving Participants (n = 95): Not Completely Disabled
Functional TrajectoryWith Outcome/At Risk, Nos.Adjusted OR (95% CI)With Outcome/At Risk, Nos.Adjusted OR (95% CI)
Late decline4/233.5 (0.8–23.3)4/103.9 (0.8–32.2)
Accelerated5/234.4 (0.7–27.1)5/134.4 (0.6–52.8)
Moderate11/445.5 (1.9–35.9)11/1810.5 (3.3–134.2)
Progressively severe4/531.3 (0.3–9.9)4/211.7 (0.4–13.6)
Persistently severe4/67Ref4/33Ref
  • OR = odds ratio; Ref = reference group.

    Note: Three participants (1.4%) who had withdrawn from the study before hospice admission were omitted from these analyses. Results from the logistic regression models are adjusted for age and sex.