Table 3

Associations Between Weekend-Only and Not–Weekend–Only Drug Use and Any Increase in Severity, Days of Use of Drug of Most Concern, and Drug Use Consequences

Proportions With OutcomeOdds Ratios, Weekend-Only vs Not–Weekend-Only
OutcomesWeekend Only Use (n = 52)Not Weekend Only Use (n = 431)Unadjusted Odds Ratio, OR (95% CI)P ValueAdjusted Odds Ratio, AOR (95% CI)P Value
Increase in drug use severityb44%56%0.62 (0.35–1.12)0.110.56 (0.30–1.04)0.07
Increase in number of days per month of use of drug of most concernc37%35%1.09 (0.60–1.98)0.780.48 (0.25–0.94)0.03
Increase in drug use consequencesd26%29%0.84 (0.43–1.63)0.600.81 (0.41–1.59)0.54
  • a Adjusted for baseline age, gender, race, Hispanic, education, AUDIT-C score, employment, OASIS-score, EUROQOL-score, randomization status, and baseline value of outcome.

  • b As measured by ASSIST global score.

  • c As measured by Timeline Followback.

  • d As measured by SIP-D inventory score.