Table 5

Importance of Health IT Capabilities for Improving Care Coordination Related to Originally Proposed Stage 3 Meaningful Use Objectives

CapabilityPractices Rating Capability as “Very Important,”a %
Provide patients with clinical summaries of their visits (N = 346)47.7
Use computerized provider order entry for referrals/transition of care orders (N = 346)45.4
Provide a Summary of Care record for each site transition or referral (N = 343)42.3
Provider receiving referral acknowledges receipt of external information (N = 343)32.9
Provider receiving referral provides referral results to the requesting provider (N = 345)69.6
Generate lists of patients for multiple specific conditions (N = 346)53.8
Present near real-time patient-oriented dashboards for patients with multiple specific conditions (N = 339)40.1
Having electronic notification of a visit of the following type:
 Patients’ arrival at an emergency department (N = 345)42.9
 Patients’ discharge from an emergency department (N = 344)59.0
 Patients’ admission to a hospital (N = 345)66.4
 Patients’ discharge from a hospital (N = 346)77.5
 Patients’ death (N = 345)73.0
  • IT = information technology (computerized system/electronic health record system).

  • a Rating of 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.