Table 4

Adjusted Associations Between Communication Practices During Encounters for Viral Acute Respiratory Infections and Parent Visit Ratings (10 vs 0–9)

Predictor VariableAdjusted Risk Ratioa95% CIP Value
Communication practices
 Only positive treatment recommendations providedb1.120.95–1.31.18
 Only negative treatment recommendations providedb0.990.71–1.38.94
 Both positive and negative treatment recommendations providedb1.161.01–1.34.04
 Contingency plan provided0.990.87–1.14.92
Antibiotic prescribed1.130.95–1.34.16
  • a Adjusted risk ratio adjusted for provider sex, whether provider spoke patient’s preferred language, parent sex, age, race, ethnicity, education level, annual income, language spoken at home, child sex, age, health status.

  • b Omitted comparison group = no treatment recommendation provided.