Table 1

Hospice Admission Diagnoses (N = 213)

Diagnosis CategoryPatients, No. (%)ICD-9 DescriptionICD-9 Code(s)
Cancer74 (34.7)Malignant neoplasm140–209
Uncertain or unspecified neoplasms235–239
Neurodegenerative45 (21.1)Mental disorders290–319
Parkinson’s and other cerebral degenerations330–332
Slow virus and prion disease of central nervous system046
Cardiac34 (16.0)Heart disease410–429
Vascular14 (6.6)Stroke430–438
Aneurysm or aortic dissection441–442
Respiratory11 (5.2)Pulmonary diseases490–519
Respiratory abnormality not elsewhere classified786.9
Other organ failure15 (7.0)Gastrointestinal and liver disease530–539, 555–579
Renal disease580–589
Frailty/debility20 (9.4)Adult failure to thrive783.7
Debility not otherwise specified799.3
  • ICD-9 = International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision.

    Note: As described in the Methods, the primary classification scheme was based on ICD-9 diagnosis codes. Ten decedents who did not fit this scheme were classified by review of preceding hospital discharge records: 2 cancer, 1 neurodegenerative, 3 cardiac, 2 other organ failure, and 2 frailty/debility.