Table 1

Percentages of Family Physicians Providing Select Services, ABFM Activities, and BETOS Codes

ABFM comprehensiveness activities (n=1,133 family physicians)
Newborn care63.0
Minor office surgery61.4
Pain management46.4
Preoperative care39.4
Urgent care39.2
Palliative care25.9
Emergency care23.9
Postoperative care17.3
Prenatal care13.9
Maternity care9.9
Any deliveries9.3
Major surgery2.0
BETOS Codes (n=3,652 family physicians)
Evaluation and management
 Office visits, established95.9
 Office visits, new90.8
 Specialist, other79.6
 Hospital visit, subsequent40.1
 Hospital visit, initial39.7
 Nursing home visit36.7
 Home visit14.0
 Hospital visit, critical care12.6
 Emergency department visit11.7
 Minor procedures, other (Medicare fee schedule)92.6
 Minor procedures, skin78.6
 Ambulatory procedures, skin68.6
 Minor procedures, musculoskeletal64.5
 Ambulatory procedures, other11.0
 Endoscopy, other9.6
 Major procedure, other6.2
 Eye procedure, other5.0
 Ambulatory procedures, musculoskeletal3.8
 Endoscopy, colonoscopy3.6
 Oncology, other3.3
 Endoscopy, upper gastrointestinal2.8
 Major procedure, orthopedic, other2.4
 Major procedure, cardiovascular, other2.3
 Minor procedures, other (non-Medicare fee schedule)1.9
 Endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy1.2
Technical services
 Other tests, electrocardiograms85.8
 Lab tests, urinalysis77.9
 Lab tests, other (non-Medicare fee schedule)77.2
 Other tests, other72.8
 Lab tests, routine venipuncture (non Medicare fee schedule)61.8
 Lab tests, glucose51.6
 Lab tests, other (Medicare fee schedule)50.0
 Lab tests, blood counts39.1
 Other tests, ECG monitoring32.1
 Lab tests, automated general profiles27.3
 Lab tests, bacterial cultures16.0
 Other tests, cardiovascular stress tests7.5
  • BETOS = Berenson-Eggers Type of Service; ABFM = American Board of Family Medicine.

  • a Percentages of family physicians who indicated that they devoted any time to a particular activity in the case of the ABFM items or billed Medicare at least once for each type of BETOS service, procedure, or test.