Table 2

Characteristics of Participating Practices (N = 350)

CharacteristicPractices, %
PCMH level: Level 376.9
Practice type
 Community health center26.0
 Health system–owned practice26.3
 Physician-owned, <5 FTE clinicians25.1
 Physician-owned, ≥5 FTE clinicians22.6
Financial concern: very concerned (N = 345)34.2
EHR system vendor (N = 343)
Have a nonclinician in charge of care coordination58.3
Demonstration/pilot project participation and PCMH payment
 Demonstration/pilot project only16.6
 Payment for PCMH only17.1
Type of area
Received consultation/collaboration help for care coordination (N = 336)76.5
CharacteristicMean (SD)
Priority for Care Coordination scorea6.7(2.2)
Priority for Implementing Meaningful Use scorea7.5(2.0)
Change Process Capability Questionnaire, Strategies scale scoreb10.2(3.9)
  • EHR = electronic health record; FTE = full-time equivalent; GE = General Electric; PCMH = patient-centered medical home.

  • a On a scale of 0 to 10 points. Higher scores indicate greater perceived priority.

  • b On a scale of 0 to 17 points. Higher scores indicate greater capability to undertake change.