Table 3

Routine Performance of Care Coordination Activities in Practices (N = 350)

Care Coordination ActivityPractices, %
Routinely Perform ActivityRoutinely Use Health IT to Perform Activity
1. Provide patients with clinical summaries of their visits81.476.6
2. Send referral requests to other clinicians92.368.6
3. Provide a comprehensive medical summary for each site transition or referral69.445.4
4. Respond to requests for additional information from clinician receiving referral90.054.0
5. Provider receiving referral provides referral results to the requesting provider82.053.4a
6. Provide reminders for guideline-based interventions or screening tests to clinicians at the point of care74.364.9
7. Identify patients who have had an emergency department visit63.139.4
8. Identify patients who have had a hospital admission/discharge75.4a48.9
9. Have a system for remote access to patient’s medical recordn/a80.9
10. Track referrals51.7
 Track urgent referrals until results or report come back68.6a
 Track nonurgent referrals until results or report come back57.4
  • IT = information technology (computerized/electronic health record system); n/a = not applicable.

  • a Significant difference seen across practice types at P <.025 (Bonferroni adjustment for 20 comparisons).