Table 8

PCMH Implementation Process Evaluation Methods

MethodDomainsSource, Version, Purpose, Availability
Written reflections and progress notesFacilitation staff document the changing contextual circumstances in the practices, in the broader environment, and in their own facilitation rolesBPCTI (5 trigger questions). Facilitation staff keep an ongoing typed log of reflections
Supplemental Appendix 13,
Focus groupsModerated group discussions about enabling factors and barriers to achieving evaluation or facilitation goals, how staff roles and relationships with practices evolved and the impact of this evolution, and notions about how and why the practices are or are not transforming in specific domainsBPCTI (4 core questions about evaluation data collection; 22 core questions about transformation facilitation)
Supplemental Appendix 14,
  • BPCTI = Brown Primary Care Transformation Initiative; PCMH = patient-centered medical home.