Table 4

Factors Associated With Current Sexual Satisfaction Among Sexually Active Women in MIDUS II, Multivariate Model (n = 1,334)

VariableOR (95% CI)P ValueOverall P Value
Age, y1.00 (0.98–1.03).79
Relationship with romantic partner<.001
 Excellent1.00 [Referent]
 Very good0.38 (0.23–0.61)<.001
 Good0.22 (0.11–0.44)<.001
 Fair or poor0.16 (0.05–0.48).001
How much can you open up to romantic partner.011
 A lot1.00 [Referent]
 Some1.07 (0.68–1.69).78
 A little0.88 (0.38–2.02).76
 Not at all0.01 (0.00–0.15).001
Importance of sex.040
 A lot1.00 [Referent]
 Some0.67 (0.41–1.11).124
 A little0.43 (0.22–0.84).013
 Not at all0.22 (0.06–0.83).025
Frequency of sex.040
 Two or more times a week2.93 (1.63–5.27)<.001
 Once a week1.30 (0.78–2.17).32
 Two or three times a month1.00 [Referent]
 Once a month0.29 (0.14–0.59).001
 Less often than once a month0.13 (0.06–0.27)<.001
Previous sexual satisfaction<.001
 0–31.00 [Referent]
 4–71.00 (0.49–2.01).99
 8–102.25 (1.11–4.54).024
Pain with intercourse (yes)0.53 (0.36–0.78).001
Antidepressant use (yes)0.57 (0.35–0.92).021
Menopausal status.44
 Premenopausal1.00 [Referent]
 Perimenopausal0.64 (0.35–1.16).138
 Postmenopausal1.08 (0.55–2.14).82
 Hysterectomy, one or both ovaries intact0.77 (0.38–1.56).47
 Hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy1.05 (0.51–2.17).89
  • OR = odds ratio; MIDUS = Survey of Midlife Development in the United States.

  • Note: MIDUS II adjusted for history of sexual assault, respondent physical and mental health, body mass index, romantic partner’s physical and mental health.

  • a Based on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 indicates the lowest level of sexual satisfaction.