Table 2

Quantitative PCMH Evaluation Measures: Patient Survey Instruments

Measurement ToolDomainsSource, Version, Purpose, Availability
Patient Activation Measure (PAM)Patient activation regarding patients’ knowledge, skills, and confidence for self-managementValidated tool from Insignia Health (13 items) to inform patient activation efforts English and Spanish. Requires purchase of a license
HRSA Patient Satisfaction SurveyAdult experiences of care at the practiceHRSA (32 items). English and Spanish. No cost. HRSA version 12/25/2012
Supplemental Appendix 5,
Interpersonal Process of Care Survey: Short Form (IPC-18)Communication, patient-centered decision making, and interpersonal styleUniversity of California, San Francisco Department of Medicine, Center for Aging in Diverse Communities (18-item short form). For patients from diverse racial/ethnic groups to describe disparities in interpersonal care, predict patient outcomes, and examine outcomes disparity reduction efforts. English and Spanish. No cost
  • HRSA = Health Resources and Services Administration; PCMH = patient-centered medical home.