Table 6

PCMH Qualitative Observational Evaluation Methods

MethodDomainsSource, Version, Purpose, Availability
Direct observation within the practice environment (example: medical practice waiting room observation guide)Examples: use of space, people flow, and interpersonal interactions in waiting rooms, nurses’ stations and other back areas; décor and tone of each area; communication among clinicians, staff, and patientsBPCTI. Participant observation sessions conducted throughout the practice at varying times and days of the week Flexibly structured field note template
Supplemental Appendix 6,
Pathway observations with staffStaff experience of work. Observe work tasks and workflow for specific staff person and during interactions with coworkers: type of tasks, redundancy, efficiency, demeanor, behaviors, interactionsBPCTI. Observation template guide
Supplemental Appendix 7,
Pathway observations with adult and pediatric patientsPatient (or parent or guardian) experience of visit. Observe workflow, patient data collection, confidentiality procedures, observation of clinician and staff communication with patient, parent, or guardian, time duration for visit segmentsBPCTI. Observation template guide. Researcher takes notes while accompanying patients from check-in through checkout. Informal interviewing during wait times
Supplemental Appendix 8,
  • BPCTI = Brown Primary Care Transformation Initiative; PCMH = patient-centered medical home.