Table 3

Responses From 15 of 17 Coaches Who Completed the Study

Exit Survey StatementScale Average (Strongly Disagree = 1; Strongly Agree = 5)Coaches who “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” (%)
I am interested in serving as a peer health coach in the future.5.00100.0
Those in charge of the program (study staff) supported my work as a peer coach.4.87100.0
The role-play activities during the training sessions helped me prepare for health coaching patients4.80100.0
I felt comfortable providing information I learned in training to patients.4.80100.0
I was satisfied with the content of the training sessions (training from instructor, training booklet and tools given to assist with patients)4.73100.0
Overall, I was satisfied with my experience as a peer coach.4.73100.0
I felt comfortable coaching patients who receive primary care from clinics other than the clinic I attend to receive care.4.70100.0
The content of the monthly meetings helped me be a better health coach.4.6793.3
Peer coaching helps patients control their diabetes.4.60100.0
After the training, I felt confident in my ability to serve as a peer health coach.4.6093.3
The training sessions were effective in preparing me to coach patients.4.6086.7
I felt like most of my patients appreciated working with me as their health coach.4.4793.3
I was satisfied with the monthly meetings overall.4.4093.3
I felt the clinic supported my work as a peer coach.4.4086.7
The support of other coaches helped my work as a peer coach.4.1380.0
I approached other coaches for advice about my patients.3.9366.7
I felt comfortable tracking my encounters with the patients I coached.3.8766.7
I interacted with other coaches outside of trainings and monthly meetings.3.6766.7
I felt like most of my patients were willing to change behaviors to improve their diabetes during the time we worked together.3.5353.3