Table 1

Characteristics of Sexually Inactive and Sexually Active Women in MIDUS II (n = 2,116)

VariableSexually InactiveSexually ActiveP Valueb
No.Weighted %aNo.Weighted %a
All women in MIDUS II77138.21,34561.8
Age, mean (SD), y62.0 (11.8)51.8 (10.9)<.001
Sexual orientation.002
 Homosexual or bisexual284.9222.5
 Black and/or African American388.9497.4
Total annual household income, mean (SD), $c42,749 (44,753)79,874 (61,201)<.001
Highest education completed<.001
 Some high school or less6517.9557.9
 Completed high school or GED25734.937038.0
 Some college16719.730620.1
 Completed college degree15515.938620.2
 Graduate or postgraduate professional school12511.622613.8
Married or cohabitating<.001
Romantic partner age, mean (SD), y66.3 (11.9)54.7 (11.8)<.001
Chronic conditions, mean (SD), No.3.3 (3.1)2.3 (2.2)<.001
Menopausal status<.001
Hysterectomy, one or both ovaries intact11619.816113.9
Bilateral oophorectomy16923.220813.9
  • GED = General Educational Development test completion; MIDUS = Survey of Midlife Development in the United States.

  • Note: There were 531 women in MIDUS II who did not answer the questions regarding sexual activity.

  • a Weighted percentages use information regarding age, race, and education to estimates for the general US population.

  • b For sexually inactive vs active women, using the t test, χ2, or Fisher exact test, as appropriate.

  • c Assessed in 2004–2006.