Table 1

Observations from Participants, Peer Leaders, and Clinical Staff and Administrators Regarding Acceptability and Feasibility of the Peer Leader Support Program (PLSP)

“We will provide meeting rooms or other instrumental support if this project is implemented in our community.” (Representative of Community Neighborhood Committee)
Community residents “are familiar with each other and like group activities such as Mahjong, dancing, walking and chatting…. (Representative of Community Neighborhood Committee)
“Peer leaders are like the bridge to link our CHSC with patients in their served neighborhood.” (Community Health Center Director)
“This is an innovative program from which we could learn new knowledge and skills. Also, it may help us to use this approach for other health issues and diseases.” (Community Health Center Director)
“We hope the Anhui CDC will give us more training and direction during project implementation.” (Community Health Center Director)
“This project can help us to manage our registered patients with diabetes.” (Community Health Center Station Staff Member).
“We don’t have many intervention services from our CHSC.” (Patient)
“If the community organized a diabetes peer support group, we would be keen to attend this group because this is beneficial for our disease and health.” (Patient)