Table 4

Observations of Coaches During Meetings with Patients

Observed SkillHealth Coaches Demonstrating the Skill (%; n = 13)
Coach is friendly and greets client.92.3
Coach asks client about his or her overall health, day, etc.69.2
Agenda setting
Coach asks client what he or she wants to talk about.38.5
Coach asks client if it is OK to talk about things coach wants to talk about.23.1
Coach listens to client in a respectful manner (doesn’t interrupt, isn’t judgmental, doesn’t scold).92.3
Coach asks client questions relevant to the topic at hand.61.5
Coach provides information ONLY when client asks or client doesn’t know.30.8
Coach provides accurate information.53.8
Coach did not know the information and said, “I don’t know, but I will find out and get back to you.”23.1
Medication reconciliation: Coach asks…
 Name of medication53.8
 Dose of medication23.1
 What medication is for30.8
 How often to take medication46.2
 If patient takes it as prescribed30.8
 If not, why not15.4
Coach goes over medications one at time.8.3
Action plan
Coach asks client what he or she wants to work on.30.8
Coach helps client troubleshoot barriers.30.8
Coach asks when client wants to start.30.8
Coach asks client about confidence.23.1
Coach sets date/time to follow up.33.3
Closing the loop
Coach makes sure client understands what was said by closing the loop in a respectful manner.25.0