Table 1

List of Indicators Used to Measure Quality of Diabetes Care

IndicatorShort NameDescription (% Patients)Type of Indicator
DM02BMI recordWhose notes record body mass indexProcess of care
DM10Neuropathy testingWith a record of neuropathy testingProcess of care
DM13Microalbuminuria recordWho have a record of microalbuminuria testing (except reporting for patients with proteinuria)Process of care
DM15ACE inhibitorWith a diagnosis of proteinuria or microalbuminuria who are treated with ACE inhibitors (or angiotensin II receptor blockers)Process of care
DM18Influenza immunizationWho have had influenza immunizationProcess of care
DM21Retinal screeningWho have a record of retinal screeningProcess of care
DM22Renal function recordWho have a record of estimated glomerular filtration rate or serum creatinine testingProcess of care
DM29Foot riskWith a record of foot examination and risk classification: (1) low risk (normal sensation, palpable pulses), (2) increased risk (neuropathy or absent pulses), (3) high risk (neuropathy or absent pulses plus deformity or skin changes or previous ulcer), or (4) ulcerated footProcess of care
DM17Cholesterol ≤193.05 mg/dL (≤5 mmol/L)Whose last measured total cholesterol was 193.05 mg/dL (≤5 mmol/L) or lowerIntermediate outcome
DM26Diabetes control (HbA1c = 7.5%)In whom the last IFCC-HbA1c reading was 59 mmol/mol (equivalent to HbA1c of 7.5% in DCCT-derived units) or lowerIntermediate outcome
DM31BP ≤140/80 mm HgIn whom the last blood pressure reading was 140/80 mm Hg or lowerIntermediate outcome
  • ACE = angiotensin-converting enzyme; BMI = body mass index; BP = blood pressure; DCCT = Diabetes Control and Complications Trial; DM = diabetes mellitus; HbA1c = glycated hemoglobin; IFCC = International Federation of Clinical Chemistry.

  • Note: All indicators within the previous 15 months except for DM18 (immunization in the preceding September 1 to March 31).