Table 2

Characteristics of Patients and Consultations

Consultation No.Patient Demographics Joint(s) Discussed in Order Presented, Most Symptomatic in BoldaNew Problem or Follow-upbOA-Related Read CodecJoint Pain Primary or Secondary ComplaintdOther Problems Discussed, No.Consultation Length, min
AgeSexTotalTime on OA (%)
162FemaleHip, knee, backFollow-upNoPrimary314:1008:46 (61.9)
265MaleHip, backFollow-upYesSecondary107:0005:56 (84.8)
375FemaleShoulder, neck, kneeFollow-upYesPrimary016:1416:14 (100)
469MaleKneeNewYesSecondary212:4401:00 (7.9)
570MaleKneeFollow-upYesPrimary012:1712:17 (100)
679MaleNeck, hipNewYesSecondary310:4401:51 (17.2)
765FemaleKnee, hipNewNoSecondary213:3600:45 (5.5)
849MaleKneeNewNoSecondary420:2310:72 (54.9)
967FemaleHipFollow-upYesSecondary106:4001:15 (18.8)
1075FemaleHip, kneeNewYesSecondary412:1600:50 (6.8)
1174FemaleKneeFollow-upYesSecondary318:2901:49 (9.8)
1279FemaleKnees, hipFollow-upYesPrimary008:3608:36 (100)
1372FemaleKneeFollow-upYesSecondary109:2102:37 (28)
1465MaleKneeNewNoPrimary210:058:05 (80.2)
1565FemaleHipNewNoSecondary312:5301:10 (9.1)
1661FemaleKneeFollow-upYesSecondary208:4906:00 (68.1)
1784FemaleKneeFollow-upYesSecondary422:4200:25 (1.8)
1862FemaleHands, feetNewNoPrimary009:4409:44 (100)
1985FemaleKneeFollow-upYesPrimary120:2020:00 (98.4)
  • OA = osteoarthritis

  • a Spinal pain was not the focus of the study, and patients with spinal pain only were excluded. It is mentioned here where spinal symptoms were discussed in conjunction with peripheral joint OA to illustrate how many patients had multisite pain. Areas of spinal pain listed in this column are italicized.

  • b New in this column indicates that the patient had either not discussed the most symptomatic joint with the GP before (data derived from the medical record and patient report) or that the patient was seeing the GP for results following the first consultation.

  • c Evidence of previous medical record entry of OA in any joint.

  • d Primary complaint is defined as the first presenting complaint mentioned to the GP in the consultation.