Table 3

Annual Cost Per PCMH Standard Per FTE Clinician

PCMH Standards and ElementsAnnual Cost per FTE Clinician, $
Utah PracticesColorado PracticesAll Study Practices
1. Enhance Access and Continuity25,65830,05928,076
 After-hours, same-day access, urgent care, electronic access, practice care team
2. Identify and Manage Populations5,6035,6885,646
 Comprehensive health assessment, proactive outreach, use data/registries for population management
3. Plan and Manage Care31,93538,43135,248
 Previsit planning/huddles, implement evidence-based guidelines, identify high-risk patients, care management, medication reconciliation
4. Provide Self-Care Support and Community Resources5,71014,12410,172
 Support self-care processes (self-management, activation, education), provide referrals to community resources
5. Track and Coordinate Care10,50318,60214,663
 Referral and test tracking, follow-up, care transitions/coordination
6. Measure and Improve Performance12,8848,99010,994
 Measure, report performance; measure patient, family experience; implement continuous quality improvement; report externally
Total annual cost per clinician FTE92,293115,894104,799
  • FTE = full-time equivalent; PCMH = patient-centered medical home.

  • Notes: Not all practices reported costs for each of the Factors for each of the Standards. Because average cost calculations are sensitive to the denominator used, in computing the average cost at the NCQA Standard level we excluded Factors for which no costs were reported to ensure that only actual practice costs incurred in support of each Standard were reflected in the results. Annual costs per FTE clinician for all study practices are therefore not means of Utah and Colorado practices.