Table 3

Model-Predicted Depression Care Process and Outcome Measures, Adjusted for Secular Trend and Weighted by Survey Response and Treatment Selection Likelihoods

Treatment ModelNo.Care Process 6 moResponse 6 mo (%)Remission 6 mo (%)PHQ-9
Baseline6 mo
Usual care before466
 Cohen’s f2,d0.088
Usual care after559
 Cohen’s f2,d0.127
DIAMOND care after245
Usual care308
 Cohen’s f2,d0.058
P valuef<.001.99.94<.06.92
  • DIAMOND = Depression Improvement Across Minnesota–Offering a New Direction; PHQ-9 = 9-item Patient Health Questionnaire depression scale; SE = standard error.

  • a P <.001 relative to DIAMOND care after treatment group.

  • b P <.01.

  • c P <.001 change from baseline to 6 months.

  • d Cohen’s f2 for comparison group relative to DIAMOND care after.

  • e P <.05.

  • f P values for treatment group effect at denoted measurement point.