Table 4

Physicians’ Reported Reasons for Joining Their Medical Group

ReasonAll Groups (N = 168) %Arizona Community Physicians (n = 29) %Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians (n = 33) %Infinity (n = 37) %New West (n = 39) %ProHealth (n = 30) %
Greater negotiating leverage with health insurers45.258.642.421.638.573.3
Group’s business expertise allows physician to focus on medicine41.758.645.516.253.836.7
Potential for higher income38.175.933.332.423.133.3
Greater autonomy than in other large organizations33.337.945.537.823.123.3
Opportunity to become an owner25.013.815.243.233.313.3
Alignment with group values, culture23.23.424.240.523.120.0
Prefer primary care to multispecialty group22.610.327.318.930.823.3
Better work-life balance22.620.727.321.623.120.0
Technological infrastructure (eg, emergency medical response)
Need to relocate geographically6.
Group’s clinical quality programs5.
  • Note: Data from the physician survey conducted for this project. Each physician was asked to choose up to 3 reasons for joining his or her current medical group. Percentages are the percentages of physicians who selected that reason for joining their group. See Supplemental Appendix 2 ( for a copy of the survey instrument.