Table 2

Characteristics of Physicians in the Primary Care Groups

CharacteristicMean for all Groups (N = 168)Arizona Community Physicians (n = 29)Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians (n = 33)Infinity Primary Care Physicians (n = 37)New West Physicians (n = 39)ProHealth Physicians (n = 30)
Response rate, %675866747860
Age, y50.755.747.448.648.954.0
Sex, female, %39.520.751.552.851.313.3
 Family practice, %
 Internal medicine, %38.934.548.522.233.360.0
Years in the group10.911.910.310.210.811.6
Physician as owners, %a84.296.697.066.789.572.4
Previous practice setting
 Solo/small primary care, %48.865.539.413.559.073.3
 Multispecialty, %620.
 Hospital based, %2513.821.267.67.710.0
 Academic medical center, %7.76.915.
 Community health center/public, %
 VA/government, %
 Residency or fellowship training, %21.413.830.313.535.910.0
Office visits per day, No.18.818.218.619.018.020.4
Hours worked per day10.39.810.710.210.010.9
  • VA = Veterans Affairs.

  • Note: Data from physician survey; see Supplemental Appendix 2 ( for a copy of the survey instrument.

  • a This percentage may differ from the percentage in Table 1. Table 1 gives the percentage reported by group leaders; Table 2 gives the percentage of respondents who reported being owners/shareholders.