Table 1

Descriptive Statistics and Confirmatory Factor Analysis Factor Loadings for CADA Variables

Higher Order FactorFirst Order FactorItemsNo.MeanSDFactor Loadings
Diet resourcesDiet opportunityEasy to shop for food7444.010.9990.502
Can afford fresh fruit and vegetables7033.871.0590.748
Can afford lean meat or fish7363.681.1430.726
Fruit and vegetables high quality7393.820.9280.380
Too expensive to buy groceries over entire month7412.941.3430.586
Diet conversionfactorsDiet barriers (higher order factor loading = 0.54)Illness gets in way of cooking meals7373.741.1900.637
Too tired to cook my own meals7343.331.2010.557
Feeling depressed keeps me from food shopping7373.541.1960.645
Diet knowledge (higher order factor loading = 0.70)Know how to eat healthy foods7414.140.7620.597
Know how to choose healthy meal at restaurant7393.850.9240.655
Know where to shop for healthy food7123.960.9000.670
Diet time (higher order factor loading = 0.44)Taking care of family leaves little time to cook7193.601.0490.754
Schedule leaves little time for food shopping7283.561.1110.759
Schedule gives me little time to cook7423.750.9890.454
Physical activity resourcesPhysical activity convenience (higher order factor loading = 0.92)Nearby places for outdoor physical activity7354.190.9360.686
Places open when I want indoor activity7413.671.1120.678
Can afford to join a gym7372.891.3720.498
Neighborhood (higher order factor loading = 0.91)Easy to walk places in neighborhood7413.761.2250.654
Places I can be active w/o needing to pay7443.661.1300.690
Often see people walking in my neighborhood7443.891.1160.584
People generally feel safe in my neighborhood7433.751.0360.602
Neighborhood well lighted for evening activities7433.151.2750.599
Physical activity conversion factorsPhysical activity barriersIllness gets in way of being active7373.141.3630.932
Health limits my activities7413.171.3810.637
Feeling depressed keeps me from being physically active7393.171.3200.517
  • CADA = Capability Assessment for Diet and Activity.