Table 3

Structural Equation Model Estimates of Dietary and Activity Resources and Conversion Factors Predicting BMI

PredictorRegression CoefficientP ValueStandardized CoefficientModel R2 w/Covariates
Dietary model0.143
 Diet conversion−0.390.014−0.493
 Diet resource1.592.2960.201
 Diet intention−0.282.053−0.072
 Non-Hispanic black2.258.0250.089
 Non-Hispanic other−3.216.047−0.074
 Monthly income0.080.5840.021
Physical activity model0.113
 Activity conversion−1.215<.001−0.190
 Activity resource−1.585<.001−0.200
 Activity intention−0.192.194−0.049
 Non-Hispanic black2.536.0110.100
 Non-Hispanic Other−3.013.060−0.070
 Monthly income0.153.2920.041
  • BMI = body mass index; CFA = confirmatory factor analysis.

  • Note: Structural equation modeling included factors as specified in CFA measurement model (estimates not displayed here) and structural model as shown in the table. Non-Hispanic white is the reference group for ethnicity.