Table 2

Facilitators’ Communication Guide

TopicExamples of Facilitator Questions and Sample Prompts
Session 1
IntroductionToday’s goals are to talk about what’s important to you for your future health care choices and advance care planning. As we start, can you introduce yourself and share why you chose to come today?
Share advance care planning experiencesHave you started thinking about what is most important to you? Have you or someone close to you had experiences with serious illness or death?
Consider personal valuesReferring to the Conversation Starter Kit, “Consider ‘what matters to me is…’ and ‘what matters to me at the end of life is…’. What do these questions bring up for you?”20
What do you worry about concerning your health in the future?
Choose a surrogate decision maker(s)Who would be a good decision maker? Do you have a medical durable power of attorney? Have you talked with him or her?
Goal-settingBased on today’s discussion, what goal do you have for between now and next session? [Suggest identifying a surrogate decision maker.]
Session 2
Review individual advance care planning goalsWhat was your goal regarding advance care planning or having a conversation, and how did it go?
Consider flexibility in decision makingLet’s watch videos from the PREPARE website.24 This is about how much flexibility you want a decision-maker to have. Do you want him or her to have total flexibility, some flexibility, or no flexibility?
Consider future health care choicesHave you thought about the kind of care you would or would not want to receive if you became very sick?24 How much are you willing to go through if it means you might have more time?
Plan for conversations with health care professionalsHow much does your primary care provider know about what’s important to you? What questions do you need to ask him or her?
Goal settingWhat are your next steps regarding advance care planning? [Suggest talking with a clinician.]