Table 2

Comparisons of Perceived Life Expectancy Outcomes Between Treatment Groups in Unadjusted and Adjusted Analyses

Unadjusted, mean (SD), y
 Perceived LE without treatment8.01 (6.3)8.13 (5.4)9.97 (7.5)
 Perceived LE with treatment20.30 (6.7)b19.38 (6.6)c16.66 (7.1)
 Difference in perceived LE12.29 (7.7)b11.24 (7.3)b6.69 (7.9)
Adjusted for covariates,a mean, y
 Perceived LE without treatment8.387.669.46
 Perceived LE with treatment20.03c19.5917.33
 Difference in perceived LE11.65b11.94b7.87
  • LE = life expectancy; WW/AS = watchful waiting or active surveillance.

  • a Covariates include age, general health perception, perceived cancer seriousness, race, and risk level.

  • b Significantly different from WW/AS; P ≤.05.

  • c Nonsignificantly different from WW/AS; P ≤.10.