Table 1

Time and Quality Challenges

AIMPrimary Drivers to be AddressedSecondary Drivers
Decrease the percentage of allopathic family medicine clerkship directors who report difficulty finding clinical preceptor sites from 47% to 35% by 2020Not enough time to preceptTime required for teaching; it’s estimated that having a student adds 30 minutes to a typical workday
Additional time requirements have been placed on physicians due to EMRs and increasing administrative tasks
Teaching has become more formal, bureaucratic, and complicated because of the demands of accrediting bodies and the organizations that employ physicians
Increase the percentage of students completing clerkships at high-functioning sitesWork involved in true primary care transformationPractices don’t feel like they can take on students in the midst of transformation
Students are completing clerkships at sites that are not offering comprehensive family medicine, are not patient centered, and/or have less-than-ideal family physician role models.