Table 1

Structure of the Trial Version of the Patient Reported Experiences and Outcomes of Safety in Primary Care (PREOS-PC 0.2)

DomainQuantitative Summary Open-Ended Questions
ConstructsItems in Scalea
Practice activationPractice activation111
Patient activationPatient activation21
Experiences of safety problemsTypes of patient safety problems experienced123
Most recent experience: type of patient safety problem, location, people involved and degrees of responsibility (including patient), preventability[12]b
Outcomes of patient safety (harm)Harm specific to health domain52
Health care, personal care, and financial needs3
Time to recover from harm (type specific)4
Time to recover from harm (overall)1
Amount of harm experienced (overall)1c
Impact on overall health1
General perceptions of patient safetyTrustworthiness10
Overall rating of patient safety1c
Total12 constructs11 scales (54 items)7
  • a Items are based on Likert scales unless otherwise noted.

  • b These 12 items are not part of any scale, since their purpose is descriptive rather than evaluative.

  • c Visual analog scale.